The birth of Hotel Forum

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The birth of Hotel Forum

Rome’s Hotel Forum was inaugurated in the spring of 1962, after three years of renovation work carried out by Mr Angelo Troiani. He transformed an old building that, in ancient times, was once occupied by a convent of Dominican monks attached to the church of San Quirico e Giulitta. The hotel is located within walking distance of the Imperial Fora, in front of the impressive ruins of Torre dei Conti in the heart of the imperial city and close to what was known in ancient Rome as the "Porticus Absidata” in the Forum of Nerva. By taking a few steps to the right, you will come across the Campidoglio, or a few steps to the left for an extraordinary view of the Colosseum. We are in the heart of this historical medieval and Renaissance city. If the Forum was intended as the prototype for a haven in the most classical and evocative part of the city of Rome, the result is perfect. Complementing this picture is the building in which a hotel was built: a former convent, dating back to the 18th century and designed by the famous architect Gabriele Valvassori.

Residing in one of the 80 rooms means being able to feel the pulsating ancient heart of the Eternal Cityall around you. Most of the windows have a spectacular view. Whenever you want to enjoy the magnificent panorama that gives the hotel its name, simply go up to the top floor and sit at a table in the restaurant or in the American bar. Behind the hotel, if you walk through the little neighbourhood streets, passing by the Grillo al Quirinale building or along Via Madonna dei Monti, you will soon come to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

A great many guests, more or less illustrious, have walked across our lobby and have stayed in our rooms, including Jacqueline Kennedy, when she was still JFK's first lady. I still clearly remember how she used the safety entrance, which had been set up especially for her, when she wanted to go for lunch on our panoramic roof garden. Many other celebrities from the world of entertainment, politics and high finance have also spent long periods as guests in our hotel. I remember Alain Delon “the woman charmer”, Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, who was followed along Via Madonna dei Monti by photographers (paparazzi), King Gustav of Sweden and also Gregory Peck, Michel Piccoli with Juliette Gréco, Bruce Lee and the Dalai Lama who, while offering me the white scarf of friendship, whispered “we will see each other again”.

Our hotel has always been and still is, throughout the world, the target and destination of all those who wish to dive into the history of this city for a few days.

The Director

Maria Grazia Espositi

The birth of Hotel Forum


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